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A key step in addiction recovery is aftercare. Aftercare in Harrisburg PA is a great option for anyone looking to avoid a relapse. Bold Steps Behavioral Health seeks to be your support network with caring professionals and around the clock help.

Steps Involved in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation is a complicated process based on decades of study. The process today is much different from that of the past. Most rehab programs include five steps.

Once you make the decision to get your life back, you enter a monitored detox. You then enter a residency program for more individualized care before beginning an extensive period of after care.

What is aftercare?

The time you spend in rehab is miniscule compared to the years spent struggling to keep your triggers at bay. Aftercare seeks to help you integrate back into your life. From the stress of work to peer pressure, you can find your cravings anywhere.

Social workers and therapists provide timely care when you need it most, helping you build an ever stronger resistance to the pressures causing relapse. Over time, the need for intensive aftercare dissipates but never truly goes away.

Types of After Care

Rehab programs tailor aftercare for the stage of recovery you are at. Whether you need very little help or a place to stay the night, there are programs that fit your needs.

Your options include:

  • Weekly follow-up therapy
  • Sober living facilities offering a supportive community of like-minded individuals
  • Alumni support groups

You can increase or reduce the amount of support you receive as needed. The pressure to use is never constant. You may oscillate between more intensive and less involved treatments.

Intensive Outpatient Care Programs

Anyone just leaving an inpatient program or experiencing heightened cravings may benefit most from more invasive drug and alcohol rehab aftercare. These programs often include sober living facilities and the ability to schedule therapy sessions as needed.

They help reinforce the mechanisms taught in rehab to help cope with cravings as you navigate through life. We understand that it is better to get your feet wet before diving headlong into the deep end.

Continued Aftercare

Even when you are ready for a more passive option, therapy may be necessary. External factors come and go. There is no telling when you will face your next challenge and your therapists and allies should be there for you.

Finding a community of people going through the same struggle and weekly therapy sessions are the perfect way to prepare for the unknown. Addiction treatment services offer numerous opportunities to sharpen your edge against the world.

Aftercare in Harrisburg PA

Aftercare programs are local. Aftercare in Harrisburg PA is directly around the corner. Best Steps Behavioral Health offers caring empathetic therapy tailored for anyone struggling to get back on their feet.

We pride ourselves on creating a supportive network instilling hope and reinforcing the mechanisms required for success. Get in touch with our professionals today and begin the path to recovery.

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