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Recovering from addiction is a long-term process that goes on even after your time at a drug rehab treatment center is complete. An aftercare program in Harrisburg is any ongoing care you have after leaving the rehab. There are different types of drug and alcohol rehab aftercare programs available, including sober living, counseling, 12-step meetings, and outpatient care.

Why Is Drug And Alcohol Rehab Aftercare Important?

Forming an aftercare plan after rehab allows the patient to anticipate and overcome some of the challenges they may face. Having these tools could help you to maintain sobriety and have solutions in advance to face issues head-on.

Whether hospital aftercare or going into a unique aftercare program in Harrisburg, loved ones can support the patient by taking part in self-help fellowships. These programs are there for friends and family of those in recovery to encourage your healthy habits, celebrate success, and more.

More About Aftercare And Addiction Treatment Services

Drug treatment and detox aftercare involve a plan to support the recovering addict early on. This is done to help prevent relapse and lift them up as they work on their life goals. Most aftercare planning will involve interventions, activities, and other resources to help those recovering as they deal with stress, cravings, and triggers after treatment. Every aftercare plan will be different and based on the participant’s unique needs.

A typical plan may involve:

  • Taking part in the alumni program for your drug or alcohol treatment center
  • Spending time in sober living
  • Going to 12-step meetings and other recovery programs
  • Reaching out to a sponsor as a support system
  • Going to individual and group therapy sessions

A good aftercare plan is imperative because so many addicts face tough challenges transitioning out of treatment. There is a real risk of relapse that is higher within the first few months after leaving rehabilitation. Studies show that about 40-60% of those who recover from drugs or alcohol will have at least one relapse. This is a rate similar to other chronic conditions like asthma, hypertension, and type I diabetes.

Working On Your Aftercare Plan

The good news is that many addicts will rarely have to go through time after rehab on their own. The best facilities will offer planning for aftercare so that you have ongoing support and tools to use moving forward. When your time in rehab comes to a close, you can work with the staff to develop an aftercare plan. There may be counselors, case managers, and therapists who will help you form an individualized plan that works best for your unique situation.

There is nothing like knowing that you have the ongoing support you need once you leave rehab. Whether you are going through treatment for drugs or alcohol, aftercare is critical. Let us help here at Bold Steps Behavioral Health. We will help you move through the rehab process and then come up with great options in an aftercare program in Harrisburg to help you stay on a healthy, sober path. Call us at (717) 818-0731 for details or to verify your insurance.

Aftercare Program Harrisburg

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Aftercare Program Harrisburg

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