Harrisburg Drug Rehab

A Harrisburg drug rehab is a way to get your life on track from your darkest days. Bold Steps Behavioral Health is here to help with a caring community and therapists who seek to understand your needs. You deserve a full and dignified life.

Am I addicted to drugs or alcohol?

Drugs and alcohol are addictive substances by nature. They alter brain chemistry and have the power to run your life.

The professional definition of addiction is participating in substance use despite negative consequences to your own life. The inability to stop, overwhelming cravings, and placing the need to use over all else are telltale signs that you may need the help of an addiction treatment center.

Can I find help with my addiction?

While addiction can be overwhelming, it does not need to rule your life. The first rehab programs started in 1951. Therapists continue to tune programs to help as many as who are willing to be reached.

The four steps of recovery at a modern rehabilitation clinic are:

  • Acceptance of your addiction
  • Early stage recovery
  • Advanced sobriety
  • Aftercare

Professionals help in every stage with the majority of participants remaining sober thirty days after leaving a facility. You are never alone.

Helping Yourself and those Around You

Making the choice to enter a program is not light. However, it is a necessary one. Drug and alcohol addiction are harmful to you and your loved ones.

Substance overuse impacts your life and health. Physical ailments, depression, eating disorders, and job loss all correlate to abuse. Many also find themselves in trouble with the law since a DUI is a felony and hard drug use is against the law in every state.

While impeding your own progress, you also harm those who care most about you. Friends and family all deal with the consequences of your addiction.

How can I remain sober once I choose to enter rehab?

While personal commitment is a large part of the path to recovery, there is no need to feel isolated. Seeking help is the most proven way to get on top of your demons.

Therapists help you create coping mechanisms to tackle life’s biggest challenges. Support groups, sober living facilities led by a professional or peer, and group therapy reinforce patterns of positive behavior.

More than a Helping Hand in Harrisburg

Anyone local to Harrisburg can keep their regular routine after leaving therapy with the right aftercare. Bold Steps provides a sober living facility.

Get your feet wet without diving into the deep end. We are here to help with a carefully curated community offering hope and dignity.

Harrisburg Drug Rehab

Do not let drugs and alcohol take control, enter a Harrisburg drug rehab today. The choice is yours but Bold Steps is here to help.

Our staff promote healthy living environments surrounded by peers and knowledgeable empathetic therapists. Get in touch with our professionals today and start down the path to recovery. The road may be long but you are not alone.

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Harrisburg Drug Rehab

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