Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Center Harrisburg

The crisis of OxyContin addiction is getting worse as more people get into using the drugs, and manufacturers forfeit the responsibility that some of the ingredients used are potentially harmful.

The opiate epidemic is far from getting under control, and reports show that deaths caused by this drug increased by 30% in 2020. Many people assume that one is not at risk because they do not fit the profile of a homeless and scanty-looking person. Addiction will not discriminate, and anyone is at risk of addiction if they keep using the drug for long enough so that they now have a higher tolerance with increasing dosage.

What You Need To Know About The Beginning Of Oxycontin Abuse And The Proper Treatment Plan

What Is Oxycontin?

It is a prescription drug under the Oxycodone3 group of drugs. Millions of people who abuse this drug start by taki9ng it for pain relief, muscle relaxation, stress reduction, and anything that needs you to melt your pain away. OxyContin is considered dangerous when you need to take it every time you experience a slight inconvenience or develop dependence and intense withdrawal symptoms.

This drug increases brain activity to heighten dopamine production and keep one in a state of euphoria. The misuse of it will begin to manifest when you start to abuse your original prescription, take a family member’s stash, or look for alternatives containing oxycodone which will induce the same feelings.

Developing An Oxycontin Addiction

So let’s say that you found a brand name containing oxycodone, such as OxyContin, Percocet, or Xtampza, and have experienced little pain every time you start taking the drug. After a while, your body becomes tolerant to the first dosage, and you no longer feel the fast pain relief and relaxation.

The withdrawal comes sooner and faster every time you take a pill, and hence you are forced to match the next dosage to control the symptoms. Tolerance is risky when you start taking a dosage amount that is too intense for your body to handle. Ultimately, internal organs will start to shut down, triggering a ring of dangerous side effects like heart palpitations and fatal seizures.

Detox With Drug And Alcohol Rehab Resources

OxyContin detox in our rehab center will involve a doctor who oversees the process and provides medications that make the process last longer. Regular detox will last between 5-10 days, depending on the severity of the addiction. Seek detox at the earliest stage of addiction and not wait longer than eight hours before seeing a medical practitioner.

The team at our center for addiction will put together a personalized plan with a timeline that meshes well with your recovery and treatment. While many of our patients do not have life-threatening conditions, we are prepared for the worst-case scenarios with more than one substance abuse therapy program, especially for people dealing with another form of addiction alongside the abuse of OxyContin.

Contact us online to speak with the friendly professionals standing by to help you with all the details of admission into the OxyContin addiction treatment center in Harrisburg.

Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Center Harrisburg

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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment Center Harrisburg

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