Stryker Endoscopy

Price is a significant consideration when you are buying an endoscopic camera. A lower price is only attractive when the unit has excellent quality because the image quality is the most dominating determinant for these technologies. There is a growing demand for endoscopic cameras, which means a fierce market, and there is a wide price gap for simple and complicated units. The introduction of capsule cameras has made the sales go even higher, and customers do not know what factors to consider quantifying the price of the high-resolution endoscopic cameras for sale.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Stryker Endoscopy Camera

Endoscopic Video Camera System

The HD camera system produces the best video and still camera photos because it has susceptible systems which offer a range of possibilities for different endoscopic procedures. The most complicated system has a system unit and integral cable to transmit the images to an HD display monitor.

Stryker has distinguished itself as one of the top producers of medical tech because it is constantly investing in advanced knowledge to offer precise yet personalized results. The company wants you to do more with your medical camera and can achieve this by coupling more than one type of technology to the system. Here are a few examples

  1. CCD camera – This camera has multiple color components in the system and allows precise color representation. While it is more expensive, it is better to quickly identify highly minute pieces of the organ.
  2. High definition – HD is an easier option because it can capture dull or difficult images that would be otherwise to get with a standard definition digital camera. HD cameras incorporate sharper resolutions because they have more pixels and image capturing options. The HD display monitor will tend to have a 19:9 display ratio, hence more able to adopt multiple HD functions.

Illumination Grade

What is a surgeon looking for when in the image? A significant factor to consider is that clarity and illumination will play a big part in the quality of the image. You can achieve a lot with a standard camera, but they will not be helpful if you work around darker areas, such as a bleeding area, because the view will turn completely black and impossible to read.

We sell a high-definition endoscopy camera system that is significantly clearer and will serve its purpose better for emergency or pitch black situations. There is a benefit to using an HD camera in your routine exams because the old analog one will never have as much flexibility because the most you may be able to change is the brightness. Our options have more than one kind of illumination and scopes, and you should be able to capture and reproduce views that depict the true nature of your study area.


Stryker camera systems with easy usabilities, such as ease of setup, multiple handling angles, and expansive views, will be higher on the price scope.

We can offer you an efficient way of buying an endoscopy camera by offering personalized information for your concerns on the Stryker 1288 endoscopic camera or more. Check out the store today and contact us for fast feedback.