Whole Family Health Center

Saban Community Clinic is a leading whole family health center, providing unsurpassed medical, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy care services. We also assist our patients with finding an assisted living facility, housing assistance, and insurance enrollment.

What is a sliding fee model?

We follow a sliding fee discount program at our community clinic, meaning our patients pay for health care services based on their financial standing and income-earning abilities. Our sliding fee program ensures equal access to the best quality health care for everyone who approaches our clinic.

We offer all the self-paying patients a generous discount on their bill amount through our sliding fee discount program. The discount percentage we offer follows the federal income guidelines, and we determine the patient eligibility for the treatment based on their annual income and family size. Even those with a health insurance plan can apply for a discount under our sliding fee discount program.

What is a community health center?

Community health centers are community-based clinics with a patient-directed approach. These facilities serve populations with limited access to clinical care and offer essential healthcare services at affordable prices.

Not to mention, community health clinics offer culturally competent medical, dental, pharmacy, and advanced psychiatric services. You may visit a community clinic for regular check-ups, sick visits, vaccinations, the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, screening for cancers, pediatric and women’s health services, psychiatric treatments, and preventative care.

Medical services for seniors

We have an exclusive senior services program encompassing everything from medical and behavioral health to nutrition. Our healthy aging program begins with a comprehensive check-up and includes an in-depth interview, medical exam, and lab tests. Some of the services available at our whole family health center include:

  1. Immunizations and cancer screenings

We ensure that our senior patients are up to date on their immunizations and offer flu and pneumonia shots, considering how these diseases and infections are among the top 8 causes of death in adults over 65.

Our clinical staff also screens patients over 50 for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colon cancer. Early screening and detection can save and transform numerous of lives along the way.

  1. Diabetes and heart conditions

Our medical staff treats diabetes with dietary recommendations, customized exercise plans, and educating seniors on making healthy lifestyle choices.

We also monitor our senior patients from time to time for risk factors like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and other cardiovascular conditions to reduce their risk for stroke and other heart diseases. We treat heart conditions with medications, diet, and an exercise program.

  1. Emotional and oral health 

Deteriorating mental health is a common issue in aging seniors. Adults over the age of 65 are at a high risk of feeling depressed, hopeless, isolated, and lonely. We have an experienced behavioral health team that helps seniors attain improved mental wellness using therapy and medication.

We also have the best team of dentists who offer dentures, implants, fillings for cavities, cleanings, and other dental services exclusively for seniors.

Call the Saban Community Clinic at (323) 653-1990 to book an appointment. We also offer walk-in appointments at our whole family health center and help our patients and patrons receive immediate medical care. We are a top-rated community clinic with hundreds of positive reviews, cutting-edge technology, and innovative treatments.

Whole Family Health Center

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Whole Family Health Center

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