Call Our Free 24-Hour Helpline Now:


Call Our Free 24-Hour Helpline Now:

The Admissions Process

Is Bold Steps the next step for you? Learn more about our program admissions process.

What to Expect

It’s never an easy decision to seek professional help. We appreciate the strength and courage our clients show when working with us, and aim to make the admissions process straightforward and seamless:


When you contact Bold Steps, you will speak with one of our admissions team members. We will get a few details to prescribe the best plan of treatment for you or your loved ones. This is also the time to get answers to any additional questions you have about our process.


If you are admitted to one of our programs, we will send along any necessary paperwork to secure your spot. Our staff will also schedule your initial evaluation.


At the evaluation, our experts will assess your needs in more detail in order to develop a custom care plan.

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