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Am I An Addict? Signs and Symptoms

While addiction may seem like a distant problem, statistics show that over 20 million people struggle with a substance use disorder. If your relationships, responsibilities, and health have taken a backseat to alcohol, meth, heroin or other drugs, it is time to take a hard look at your habits. Recognizing that you have a problem […]

Are Poppers Addictive? Understanding Inhalant Addiction

Are you concerned about the potential addictiveness of poppers? As a widely used inhalant, poppers can pose serious risks to your health and well-being. At Bold Steps Behavioral Health, we understand the complexities of inhalant addiction and offer comprehensive treatment options. With a range of therapy modalities and personalized treatment plans, we address the root […]

Avoidant Personality Disorder: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment Options

You likely know someone who seems shy, aloof, or awkward in social situations. While most people feel some anxiety in new situations or around unfamiliar people, some take social avoidance to the extreme. If you or someone you care about experiences intense apprehension and inhibition around others that interferes with relationships and daily life, you […]